Embrace Your Physicality

Embrace Your Physicality

It seems very important to remind humanity at This pivotal time,
that you are not in the physical form as a penance.
Physical form is not undertaken lightly.
Much deliberation, thought and planning went into your transformation to physicality.
No one is here by accident,
and no being is here as a punishment or a sentence.

Early religious writings have been misinterpreted.
You are not “down here” trying to get “up there”.
You are not imperfect in your present form,
you are not beneath God.

This has been ingrained into the very cells of humanity,
and so as the old souls awaken, at this very critical time,
it is so very important that you do not view being on the planet as
some inferior existence, that you are just trying to get through.

You are here to experience, and part of the experience is duality, or the polarization of light. Light is knowledge.
You have the absence and the abundance of light, and everything in between.
In the physical, you are granted the ability to dance wherever you choose.

The density of the darker energy makes it difficult for wisdom to penetrate.
When this happens, humanity believes the lie.

You are not limited by your physicality, it is just a different level of consciousness.

Being here in your body, is just as sacred as the non physical realms.

Please begin to REALLY let that sink in.
It is the beginning of a new energy and a new mindset.
You have chosen to be here, you are in the physical to experience
all that form has to offer.
This is not a punishment or prison sentence.
Unlock the shackles.
It is not a mistake.
Begin to make the most of it!


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