Creative Differences

Creative Differences

Sometimes, it is beneficial to have creative differences with another,
for inside that conflict new ideas are born.

You all seem to want harmony at all costs,
but we are telling you,
conflicting concepts are the birthplace of innovation!

This innovation comes when you push each other to the edge.
The edge of understanding, is the springboard to greater

When someone challenges your concept of what you believe
to be true,
don’t be so quick to fight back.
You may stand your ground ONLY until the light
of another way of understanding begins to shine.
Very much like the proverbial lightbulb over the head,
that you depict in your cartoons.

Once you have that “Ah Ha” moment,
cease your argument.
You have just witnessed the opening of your mind
to a new understanding,
And in that moment only gratitude is appropriate.

You all want to stand your ground,
never leaving an opening for your mind to be changed.
Stop that!
Like we said,
Inside conflict, new ideas are born.

Have healthy arguments, that are productive.
No more dead-end conflicts, that are purely
ego exercises.

Be creative in your differences,
open to seeing not only the other side,
but above, below, behind and around.
Let another open your eyes and your mind.


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