Bye Bye Big Institutions

Bye Bye Big Institutions

The demise of many of your big institutions is at hand.
Don’t worry.
It is going to look bad, like the mighty have fallen,
because they have.
But this will be the start of another recalibration.
The reconfiguration and recalibration of your big

They very much need to become human again.
They must be broken up into smaller, more manageable groups.
They need a heart!

Money and fear of losing it, has driven these giants
for decades, and now they have become monsters
who are insatiable.
Even if they stayed the way they are, they would implode.
They are practicing financial gluttony,
and the new energy does not support this.

Don’t get too tied into the fall of these giants,
don’t go into fear about it.
Consider yourselves forewarned,
and make your decisions not based on fear,
but rather from the knowledge that the break up and humanization
of these institutions will start a new era of prosperity.

Send light to these processes as they occur,
and they have the potential of going down with a whimper
instead of a roar.

Remember the end of the Cold War and the taking down
of the Berlin Wall?
Great example of great, unimaginable change happening
almost overnight, with minimum struggle.
Whimper, not a roar.

Things will take a while to shake themselves out,
but they will, and for the better.

Bye bye big banking,
Big medicine,
Big insurance,
Big politics!
Big religion,
welcome back to the human race!


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