Starving Artists

Starving Artists

The new energy will no longer support being a starving artist.
Isn’t that a great thing to hear?!

If you decide to live off your hearts desire,
there has NEVER been a better time to take up that endeavor than now.
In the past, even the recent past, artists , people who create,
often felt it beneath them somehow to take money.

Once they were forced into doing that to make a living,
they often grossly underestimated their own worth.
They would under charge for their time, their materials,
never taking into consideration their education and years of experience.

Since art and beauty is subjective,
“In the eye of the beholder” so to speak,
many would leave it up to society or an interested party
to determine their compensation or just give it away.

No more!
If you do that now, you will be met with generosity.

The energy has shifted so much,
that to maintain poverty for art’s sake,
will fast become a thing of the past.

If this is something you yourself struggle with,
please hear us when we say ,
that to take money as an exchange for
your energy,
your heart and soul,
your personal stamp that you are putting out into the world,
will become easier.

Look around you for examples if this is your struggle.
There will start to be a higher standard set for artistic compensation.
Rewarding beautiful music, even if it’s a street performer.
An amazing, beautifully prepared meal is art.
It is now starting to command top dollar.
Even If you consult and share your knowledge of a particular art,
make sure there is an exchange.

There are canvases splattered with paint and sweat,
pages covered with ink and tears.
A little bit of someone’s soul is left in their art…always
Isn’t that worth something?


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