Water Is The Way

Water Is The Way

Water is needed to help you process this higher energy.
Drinking pure,clean water, helps keep the body hydrated,
as this fast energy seems to dry out your cells much faster.

Becoming dehydrated slows down the progress of this energy
thru your body, resulting in dry mouth and eyes to start.

If left uncorrected, it can wreak havoc with your nervous system,
feeling like anxiety, restlessness, even anger and fear.
You will feel very agitated for seemingly no reason,
First, reach for water! lots of it!

The second way water can sooth you, is thru vigorous exercise.
The kind that makes you sweat!
The sweat that is produced by speeding up your own metabolism,
and getting your heart rate up, will feel extremely beneficial.
What you are doing is bringing your internal temperature up,
which produces sweat, which together with an accelerated heart rate
help match your nervous system to this crazy fast energy!

Next, we recommend submerging yourself in water daily.
Either a warm pool, or a tub.
Warm water is essential, as is sea or Epsom salt.
This is especially helpful when your own nervous system
seems too speedy or edgy.

Since energy and your nervous system are electrical,
submerging your entire body, including your head if you can,
will neutralize the speed and severity of this energy.
The water acting as a conductor, actually helping to facilitate
ease internally, by running this energy up and out!

Water is such a valuable tool these days to keep you calm
and centered inside this energy.
Water IS the way!


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