Set The Tone

Set The Tone

Each day as you transition from sleep,
we recommend setting the tone for the day.

Just as your consciousness starts to ground itself
in the reality of this world,
Use the energy that surrounds you,
for it is waiting for instruction.

Will this be a day of opportunity?
How about resolution?
Do you have many scenarios that could resolve themselves
in several different ways?
Set the tone for the outcome you desire.

As you start to wake up,
Imagine the energy swirling and enveloping
a person, place or thing specific to that day.
This energy has your highest good at its heart.
As it surrounds each thought, each intention,
the outcome is set.

If you have more thoughts of conflict,
there WILL be conflict!
If you desire a resolution to your benefit,
the energy will conspire to make that happen!
If you set the tone of love
or peace,
or prosperity,
hold it in your mind,
then set it in your heart.

What you desire each day,
and things you can not yet imagine,
are all standing, ready, waiting for their instruction.


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