Selfish Pursuits

Selfish Pursuits

Being selfish has all sorts of negative connotations,
but sacrificing your own happiness for that of another,
Is never the way to live a life!

Looking after your own happiness and well-being first and foremost,
has the effect of spreading to those around you,
sharing your energy of self-care.

When you give up yourself,
give away your power,
sacrifice your happiness,
and deplete your joy,
you become a hollow shell,
and your contribution is minimum.

If you are feeling used up,
It is essential to take the time to replenish your reserves.
This can only be done by being selfish.

Do not answer your phone!
The person on the other end will be fine!
you are not that important to their survival,
But your are crucial to your own!

Cancel plans that feel draining to you.
The person on the other end will survive!
I promise, you are not that important to their well-being,
But you are to your own.

Read a book,
take a bath,
watch a movie,
take a nap!

Say “no” when it doesn’t feel right.
trust yourself,
you will know when to say “yes “again!
Becoming more selfish, in the fullest sense of the word,
will enable you to actually give more.
It seems counterintuitive, but we challenge you to try it a couple of times.
You will be amazed at how authentic you start to feel,
and your body will reward you with increased energy,
and your soul with increased peace.


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