In regards to your relatives,
especially your immediate family,
remember and have the reassurance that these beings
have your souls greatest purpose at heart.

It may seem quite the contrary,
especially in the case of your parents,
but we can assure you that they were chosen
from a very select, small group of souls,
whom you travel the universe with,
changing places, changing faces, in order to
facilitate your hearts desires.

All of you play roles in each others short time on earth.
Each of you know the plot, and different twists and turns,
that encompass this human life.

It is all done for the purpose of soul growth.
Never cruelty for cruelty’s sake,
never unjustified injustices,
nothing has gone wrong,
no one is broken.

Each path, each life story, has a complicated script.
There are many different story lines that can be chosen.
Each soul plays their part, with love in their heart.
Believe that!
You are not victims of each others whims,
or unplanned circumstances.

With each thought you have,
with every emotion, you have the free will to tweak
your life.
And with those changes will come new players that have been
waiting in the wings, so to speak.
Every variable has been thought of and cast.
It is up to you to choose which door to open, and walk thru.

It will serve you to look at your life as being guided
but not pre- destined.
With loved ones playing the roles of family and friends,
and your most cherished brothers,
the ones you hold closest to your hearts,
playing your enemies, the people who hurt you the most.
For they are the only ones that could be trusted with such
an important job.
The honing of your soul, at your request.

Think about that.
let that sink into your heart.
You may look at everything differently.
That is our wish today.


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