New Energy of Competition

New Energy of Competition

There are two stories being told in recent weeks,
and they are perfect examples of the changing energy of competition,
and the idea of winning at all cost.

The first has been a headline in the media for sometime.
A mighty athlete who was swept away in the old energy
of lying and cheating his way to greatness.
He was already gifted in his sport, but he wanted to
become superhuman.
at all cost.
And it has cost him everything.
his health, family, friends, reputation, self-respect.
When so much money and fame are wrapped in a first place title,
it distorts any true sense of a healthy competition.

The second story is quiet, but it is picking up steam,
for it shines in such contrast to the other,
and shows the potential of the human spirit.

In a foot race, the runner who has the lead,
approaches the finish line, well ahead of all the others.
At the point in the track, where the crowd has gathered,
the track changes color, and the flashbulbs are blinding,
he throws up his arms in victory, and slows to a walk.

The crowd is screaming, but he can’t make out what they’re saying.
If he could have heard even a single voice, he would have realized
they were warning him that he was in error,
the finish line was still several yards in the front of him!

As the second place runner approaches, he has full
realization of the situation.
If he just continues forward, past his confused opponent,
he will win the race, the title, and the money.
But he does not.
He slows to a walk beside the confused runner,
telling him to run forward to the official finish line.
Urging him on to secure his winning title,
as he take his place as second best.

This new energy won’t let him win, when he knows in his heart
that his efforts, as hard-fought as they were,
were not going to get him across the finish line first.
He was not able to take advantage of a huge human error
on the part of the faster runner.
In the old energy, this was acceptable,
now it is not.

He would know in his heart,
that the victory was tainted,
and that will no longer rest well with his soul.

Winning and competition at all cost has ended.
What takes its place will take some time,
but it will have much greater rewards!


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