Money is so interesting…
it is the representation of energy,
given as an exchange for a service,
or for something you need …or want .
The problem arises when you layer
emotions onto what is just a physical symbol
of barter.

The way things are set up here,
it is required that there be an EVEN exchange of energy,
that accompany any trade.
If the balance of that exchange is off in any way,
that is when resentment takes hold,
and anger is soon to follow.
If too little is paid, the person who provided the service or item
of desire feels slighted.
And the reverse is true if the amount is too great.
The receiver feels taken advantage of, and here comes the anger..

Wars have been fought over this!
It is time to put this money thing into perspective.
Take a good look at your emotional relationship
with money,
for it will tell you volumes about your relationship
with life.

Do you have feelings of love and gratitude for money,
the symbol of your energy?
Does it flow smoothly and efficiently,
in and out of your life, with little emotional layering?
Maybe just joy, and wonder even, that you are able to get the things you need?

And these days it is almost all invisible, just the push of a button,
or the handing of a card that represents your holdings!
But many of you still find yourselves nervous, worried,
scared and even furious, reading an amount,
a bank balance or “bill” on a piece of paper!
…or a computer screen!

We recommend that you clean up your feelings regarding money.
Become its friend!
respect what it represents,
It is your energy,
It represents in the physical, your life force
used for exchange.

Layer thoughts of thanks, the emotion of Graditude for a change.
Feel empowered by the flow in and out of this energy.
Know that there is always enough,
if you don’t pinch it off with thoughts of lack
and layers of worry, resentment and anger.

Free this up,
and you will notice a huge difference.


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