Look Beyond

Look Beyond

Look Beyond the Empty Space
Between Heaven and Earth
there is an invisible line of communication.

The air literally crackles with wisdom.
Thoughts, ideas, theories,
all fill the seemingly empty space,
and can be plucked out and tried on, and become your own
in an instant.

There are entire books already written,
symphonies entirely composed,
undiscovered mathematical theorems,
and the answer to any question ever asked,
and some that haven’t been thought yet!

You have never had the ability to even recognize ,
let alone harness this soup of intelligence.
But now you do.

It was previously beyond your comprehension
and the level of your senses,
to be able to pick out ideas as they go by,
to register entire trains of thought,
music and lyrics,
entire story lines, plots, and characters,
and incorporate them into your psyche.

Some had the ability in their sleep,
when their unconscious mind was relaxed,
to be a dream catcher.

Now it is available to those who are awake to the new energy.
Awake to the fact that there is wisdom,
literally packages of thoughts,
new ideas,
all around you!
Open your eyes differently,
your ears also!
Turn around, you are literally bumping into your next great idea!
your next awesome invention!
your most brilliant creation,
your next Great adventure!

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