Light Thru A Prism

Light Thru A Prism

As light shines thru a prism
it splits into many different vibrations,
that can be seen as colors,
or heard as different musical tones.
So imagine the light that is you, reflecting thru
a human body.

That energy would be refracted as emotions.
Here’s where it gets interesting…

You would no sooner judge a color or musical note
as right or wrong.
So why pass judgement on your emotions?
It is all energy.
You may see red , the color of anger,
feel green with envy,
yellow, the color note of cowardice,
or wake up feeling blue.

It is no coincidence that you’ve given these emotions
for it is just the fracturing of your light,
as it’s energy experiences human life.

Live in harmony with each feeling,
they are never right or wrong,
it is only black or white 🙂
Just like a rainbow harmonizes with each color,
as they bleed seamlessly into each other,
and form a visual bridge.

Just as the discordant cords always find
resolution in a beautiful symphony.

Light Energy thru a prism,
finding harmony and resolution.
It is really just that simple!


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