Insist On The Best

Insist On The Best

Surrounding yourself with the best
is going to facilitate your journey thru life
in these days to come.

The best food, and by that we mean, freshest, with the minimum of processing.
Best also means in this context, grown in soil that is uncontaminated,
and free of chemicals that can harm the body, the cells.

Lots of fresh water is critical to your well-being.
Hydration plays a huge part in how you move energy thru the body.
If you become dehydrated, you will literally have a “burnt out” feeling.
Your cells need a lot of water, again with minimum of processing.

The most important aspect of insisting on the best,
are the people you surround yourself with.
Look around your life, and reflect on who contributes to your
life, your energy, your soul,
and who depletes it.
Several will come to mind immediately, and some are hiding in the shadows and will reveal themselves as the year progresses.
Please as soon as you have the realization, remove these people to a less important or constant role in your daily life.
Do it with love, and kindness,
It will really help you feel better, and it will serve them as well.
Start insisting on the best, and it will be reflected in your life.


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