Heart’s Desire

Heart’s Desire

Listen to the heart
for it will gently tug at you until you do.
Feeling with your heart,
for that desire that lies within.

If life is led by the heart,
there will be passion and pain,
there will be triumph and tragedy.
It will be emotionally rich,
and impossibly complicated,
But it will be a life well lived!

Trying to avoid these feelings,
is like sleepwalking thru the desert.
Unaware of the beauty that surrounds you,
and thirsty for any experience that will stir the soul.

Be impetuous!
Stand in the center of all the tumult the heart delivers.
Knowing these desires can carry you far.
They will lift you off the ground at times,
nothing familiar in sight,
searching for your balance.

That’s okay.
The place on which you finally find you footing,
will be in full and vivid color.
alive with new sights and sounds.
Like falling in love,
everything feels fresh and new.

That will feel like the person or place that was meant to be,
until the next time…
when the heart tugs at you again.


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