Feeling Safe In The World

Feeling Safe In The World

What a difference it would make,
if only for each others sake,
embracing who stood next to you,
was required in this world so new.

And as you all stood face to face,
uncertain in this frightening place,
this hug could transmute all the fear,
now whispering that “I am here”.

“No harm shall come to you this day,
as long as I shall have my way”,
“You’re safe inside these arms of mine,
today ,tomorrow, and for all time”.

” You’re safe, my love, I have your back,
you shall not suffer an attack,
As long as I am at your side,
your safety you can take in stride”.

You’re all so scared, uncertain too,
of where to go and what to do,
but if you knew how safe your are,
this journey wouldn’t seem so far.

For inside the heart of EVERY man,
is the child who can understand,
” I hold you in my arms so tight,
dont fear my love, your safe tonight”.


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