Evaluate Your Team

Evaluate Your Team

What you THINK you need…
It can be extremely confusing inside those heads of yours at times!
SO MANY voices telling you what to do,
what you need…and who you are.

Always that one LOUD voice that shouts out your limitations.
Oh..he’s a charmer.
Often with the voice of your mother or father,
He’s able to yell over the loudest compliment,
drown out the applause,
Even turn a wonderful moment into pure hell.

He is the King of sabotage,
With his express route from the heart to the head.
Where he re-directs every dream and heart’s desire,
to the scales of “reasonable”and “practical “.
Weighing in before judgement, doubt and fear.
Where they don’t stand a chance!

Then there are the triplets!
these guys are un relenting with their critique.
They are Coulda, Shoulda, & Woulda!
Even when a situation or relationship SEEMS to happen flawlessly,
Here comes this team of “experts” to sift thru every detail,
and fill your heads with what Coulda been better,
All the things you Shoulda said,
and if you had only followed their sage advice,
just look at what Woulda happened!

And you wonder why your stress levels are so high,
and you just can’t seem to catch a break!

You are NOT those voices, those cynics and critics!
YOU are the listener!
Step back and ask yourself…
Are these guys my friends?
Do they wish me well?
Do they have something of value to add to my life?
Or are they just a bunch of loudmouth sideliners,
Self proclaimed experts at a game they never have the courage
to play?
YOU be the judge.


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