Confidence Inside The Unknown

Confidence Inside The Unknown

Inside this energy so new,
You stand and wonder what to do.

Before you lay uncharted ground,
no map to show your way around.

Inside, your heart beats double time,
with fear and confidence sublime.

You’ve been this route,
you know this path.
There’s ancient wisdom in those tracks.

The confidence that lay inside
the Unknown can no longer hide.

Although this energy feels new,
there is a knowing that rings true.

You knew that you would meet again,
this energy feels like a friend!

It’s come back after all these years,
to heal your wounds and calm your fears.

Breathe deeply in this promise made,
that all your karmic debts are paid.

Feel confidence inside the unknown,
that every footstep will be shown!


My version of life. My stories. Told in my own words.

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