Coming In For A Landing

Coming In For A Landing

As you are learning to navigate and synchronize
with this new, clear ,fast energy,
It is feeling a lot like flying.
There is a feeling of acceleration,
of wind speed.

There is a complete lack of turbulence,
so there is silence in the velocity.

You are looking for familiar landmarks
around you, but they all seem to have
They are not where you expect them to be.
There are new ones to take their place.
They will aid you in your landing of this
bright new energy.

Pull in your arms, and become a glider,
or extend them fully and soar to new heights.

How you maneuver in this jet stream like
energy is up to you.

Stay conscious and vigilant
It is very fast!
you can not look away, or loose your focus,
not for a second!
The time of lazy coasting is over.
As is the time of choppy air.

Feel it.


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