Children Are Mirrors

Children Are Mirrors

Children are mirrors
of aspects of ourselves that are lost.

They show us innocence and wonder,
as they look at the world thru unveiled eyes.
They show us pure expression of emotion,
no filters, no shame, no judgement at all.
Huge tears of sorrow can turn to pure bliss in minutes!

They posses a willingness to forgive,
disappointments are forgotten,
when they are in yours arms,
there is only love.

They remember the truth,
their eyes twinkle with the wisdom,
that they are magnificent souls disguised as children.
Put into our care for a very short time,
to mirror back to us,
lost pieces of ourselves,
that time has scattered to the wind.

Do not try to change them or break them,
they are here to help us remember home,
and who we REALLY are.


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