Adjusting In This New Energy

Adjusting In This New Energy

As this New energy washes over your planet,
you will find that adjustments need to made in your
daily routine.

You will find that your sleep is affected.
you will find yourself waking up more at night,
try not to judge that new pattern.
It is temporary, and the more you hold onto
the fact that you’re not sleeping well…
the longer it will continue!

Use that time in the wee hours, and set the tone.
You will have the tendency to go very dark,
Instead, use that time to marinate in gratitude.

You will also find that you need naps.
Don’t judge that practice either!
Many a great man has had an inspired idea
during an afternoon nap.
Taking an hour to rest and restore yourself in the middle
of the day, allows an energy re-set.
You will benefit greatly from this.

Your eating habits will also change.
Food you once craved will repulse you,
and visa versa.
A glass of wine will no longer relax you,
it will give you a headache,
chocolate will taste too sweet,
broccoli will become your best friend, along with kale,
and you may even eat the first meat you’ve had in years!

Try not to judge these changes,
they may be temporary,
or if they suit you,
you will find they enhance your experience in this
new energy, and this will be the new YOU!


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