A Breath Inside Violence

A Breath Inside Violence

In the old energy of the recent past,
when a violent event would occur,
it was easier, and actually accepted,
to remain inside that violent energy
and seek retribution.

There were a few like Gandhi and Mandela,
who showed an example of answering violence
with non violence.

That involves an extraordinary amount of courage
and self-discipline.
For inside the energy of violence, you have to suspend
judgement and take a breath.
Inside that breath, you are able to pivot, and shift the energy.
Those are three of the ingredients needed to shift from violence
to non violence.
Suspend judgement,
the breath,
pivot inside the energy .
They usually occur in that order, some can mix them,
But all three must be present.

In this new energy, you will find, that if you take the time
to practice this inside any situation that makes your blood boil
there will be retribution, but not in the ways that are expected.

What you will bring to the planet, one person at a time,
is the new way of shifting the energy of violence.
It will happen inside, and at the time of the act.

Remember, everything is energy,
it malleable, but only when you bring consciousness
and breath, to a every situation.

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