Time To Forget

Time To Forget

So now that you’ve forgiven yourself and others
It is time to forget.
If your were to suddenly develop amnesia
and literally forget your past
all the slights
all your transgressions
the many grudges
and years of hurt and shame
The board would be wiped clean,
a fresh start,

That would not be a bad thing at all!

Can you imagine the freedom that would envelope you?
If that part of your mind that holds all the many stories of hurt,
that you carry around with you
the tapes you play of your uncaring father,
a childhood of abuse,
the illness you carry,
things that were unfair,
of lovers lost,
and a heart that is wounded ,
and a soul that seems silent
If all that ceased to exist,
in an instant, you’d be reborn!
A fresh slate, 
able to look at this incredible world with fresh eyes!
To see people as who they really are,
and not thru your filter of hurt.
Every place and situation would stand on its own merit,
not taking on the mantle of your past.

There would be no more heavy heart.

Instead the mind would no longer stand in the way of the soul,
And the freedom you’ve only dreamt of would be yours!
It is time to forget,
leave the past behind
it no longer exists
Embrace the amnesia and start fresh today!


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