The Human Tapestry

The Human Tapestry

Although there are many races represented on the planet
you are really members of ONE race
the Human Race

You are all interconnected thru energy
the energy of your hearts

When you hurt someone or something,
it affects the whole
When you feel joy or love
that does the same

You are threads of a giant interwoven tapestry
every one of you is integral to the structural integrity of this tapestry
The whole is only as great as the sum of its parts

That is why war never works,
it damages this human tapestry,
leaving destruction of bodies and spirits

That is why hunger does not serve it either
nor poverty
or suffering of any kind

The strength of the Human Race
is the Human Spirit
it’s ability to repair the holes that compromise this
tapestry beyond repair

You are one energy
interwoven to make many

remember that everything you do and feel
affects the whole
when you are kind, that repairs a tear
when you smile at a stranger
you’re smiling at yourself
every loving act reverberates thru this cosmic fabric
filling the gaps left by hate

At birth every child becomes part of this tapestry
called the Human Race
and begins to weave their energy
adding their own special attribute to the fabrics of life
If that child
if all of you
could remember that connection of hearts
This tapestry will shine , as if woven of gold!


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