The End of Anonymity

The End of Anonymity

More than ever before,
It is time to take a stand.
Taking a position FOR something,
Is the preferred energy than being AGAINST a thing.
Being FOR peace, instead of AGAINST war,
FOR equal rights, as opposed to AGAINST discrimination.
You get the picture.

As you develop and lean into the things that mean something to you,
and as you show that face to the world,
you will begin to lose your anonymity.
Thru the years you have preferred to stand on the sidelines,
as an observer of this human condition.

But the time has come,
and the energy now requires,
that you get in the game.

Get out there and mix it up,
Let others hear your beliefs and point of view.
Let them see your passion for quality of life,
and the pursuit of happiness.

For many that is a “Hallmark Card ” mentality,
but as you walk and talk your truth, as you see it,
you can shift the energy.
And as the energy begins to change,
so can the surrounding circumstances
and people’s minds.

Letting people see what is inside your heart,
Being not just another face in the crowd,
but a voice for truth and reason,
means you no longer hide your light.
And THAT is truly courageous.

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