Reliable YOU

Reliable YOU

You CAN be trusted!
You have become reliable.
Each thought now runs thru this filter of trust.

Can you trust that thought to lead you to your best life?
That has been a sticking point for many.
You have a knowing now, of which voice you can trust.

You are now showing up for your own best interests.
Not for the quickest fix, nor the instant gratification.
You are reliable , smart and patient.

You heed the whisper, not the yell.
The tug at your heart, not the clamor of the mind.
You’ve become skilled at knowing the difference between
substance and folly,
no more chasing your own tail,
or spitting into the wind.

Congratulations! the best lives lived are based in self-trust
and reliance.


My version of life. My stories. Told in my own words.

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