Reason To Celebrate

Reason To Celebrate

As you near the “end of the world” 🙂
And you ride the wave of this new energy,
Many of you have never felt better!

It is beginning to feel lighter,
There is a sense of a release of pressure
that has been building since before you can remember.

While some are running to find safety,
YOU are feeling safe enough to stand still and take a breath.
It is a deep breath of relief and release that is happening now.

The two energies could not feel farther apart,
the fear of the end,
and the feeling of great peace,
The feeling of doom and gloom,
and the opposite, of hope and celebration.

There is a reason to celebrate for both!
Once this milestone month and year have passed,
humanity will breathe a collective sigh of relief,
for what then, will they have to fear?
The dates that have loomed so large,
and been anticipated by many, many, people as the end of the world,
…will have come and gone.

Think about that,
the realization that the apocalypse energy,
that many were born believing would occur,
has been shifted and has dissipated.
What an invisible weight will be lifted!
What an cellular sigh of relief!
And what a reason to celebrate!

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