Picture of Health

Picture of Health

Occasionally ,it is a good idea to check in with your body,
and see what the current status is.
We suggest you do this not only when there is an ailment or pain,
although asking the body at that time is recommended as well.

We are talking about sitting quietly, preferably each day,
and starting at the head,
just direct your attention inward.
Listen to the different parts of your head and face.
travel down your neck, your chest.
Is there something you need to hear?
You body will always whisper to you,
and try to get your attention,
before any pain or discomfort begins.

Scan your arms , down your lower body, to your legs and feet.
Listen to your cells,
Check in with each organ.
What is the general mood that day?
Are you ingesting too much sugar for the body to process easily?
how about caffeine?
Is the alcohol consumption, especially at this time of year,
taxing your liver?
Your skin will tell you first.

Are you getting enough sleep?
aches and pains can be a result of too little sleep.
Along with cloudy thinking, and just a general low mood.

How about exercise?
are you getting your blood pumping, and helping your heart?
Moving vigorously, every day, along with stretching, yoga,
tai chi and other forms of martial arts,
help the body to detox, regulate hormone levels,
and release beneficial chemicals that can elevate your mood and
general disposition.

It is harder to be happy when your body is struggling.
If you can do a body check-in every day,
you will alleviate the need for worry.
You will know intuitively what adjustments need to be made
to keep your body operating at peak efficiency,
and that will go a long way in keeping your spirits high!


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