More Alike Than Different

More Alike Than Different

As crazy as it seems,
with so much diversity in this world.
When all is said and done,
You all have much more in common,
than you can imagine!

From the level of your DNA,
to the blood than runs thru your veins.
the composition of your brains,
to the possession and placement of all your internal organs,
there is much more that is identical, than is not.

The differences start in the mind,
when you become under the illusion that you are separate.
When judgement takes over,
and fear and insecurity see thru your eyes.
Only then, can you look at your brother,
and see a stranger.
Only then, do the differences out weigh the similarities.

For you are so much more alike, than different!
You all want love and acceptance,
looking for a place in the world where you belong.
But anger and resentment can disguise this longing,
making you think you are separate and alone.

Wake up from this illusion,
and realize the deception.
The heart recognizes family,
this human family to which you all belong.
At this important time,
On this special planet,
Remember you are all one.
connected at the heart.
When you hurt one, you affect many.
When you lead with love,
you change the world.

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