Free Fall

Free Fall

So now that we are in what seems to be an energetic
as we hurdle toward the solstice and beyond into 2013,
it will be essential to have the eye of a gymnast,
as you turn mid-air, and spot your landing.

For in this seeming Free-fall, all bets are off!
You have felt like Alice down the rabbit hole.
What is up, and where is down?
You have no sense of time, 
have you been falling for an hour or a decade?
Suddenly now, you must become aware,
hyper vigilant in your focus on your landing.

Will you tuck and roll?
Will you fall carelessly, taking others with you?
It can be however you desire it to be.

You just have to decide, maneuver, and then plant your feet.
You have the agility now, in the midst of this fall, 
to change the direction and rate of decent, 
to keep your eyes on your desired target,
pull yourself together,
and land into this new energy,
this new earth,
this new life,
with your feet planted firmly,
your intentions clear,
and your arms reaching toward the stars.


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