Forgiving Your Enemies

Forgiving Your Enemies

Can you imagine the energy saved or better yet
redirected and used in a positive life enhancing way,
If you could just forgive your enemies?

Honestly! the time wasted feeling slighted
or demeaned, you can never get back!

Why would you think it is better to dwell in the misery of
someone else’s opinion of you, than to realize they are coming from an unenlightened perspective?

When someone’s energy is so intolerable that they can be called an enemy,
Please, Please, see their ignorance of , and blindness to,
who you REALLY are.
They cannot see you for who you REALLY are, because they are lost themselves
and when someone is lost, you don’t gaze at them with disdain,
you assist them to the correct path
Your assistance in this situation, to yourself and the other,
would be to take a step back, and realize this enemy, this brother,
is one of your greatest teachers!

To engage in enemy energy is to believe the lie that is told..about YOU!

You know the truth,
It is NOT your job to change their mind!
that is a dead-end, it cannot be accomplished in the same energy as the conflict.

To take the energy of hate, and let it enter your heart,
does not affect the other as much as it does YOU!
Hate is black and sticky, like tar
it eats away at all the good memories
until all your mind can conjure is the wrong that you think has been done to you,
and that emotion feels like a vice inside your chest!
Now, who is that hurting?

If you can become indifferent to the words and actions of others,
and stay centered in the knowledge that they are misguided,
stay centered in your own joy of life,
stay in gratitude for every hour of every day,
for every person that crosses your path,
and don’t waste it with thoughts of division and vengeance
that is poison,
don’t drink the poison
forgive your enemies
the sooner, the better
for they will feel the shift your forgiveness of them facilitates
and THAT starts the energy of changing minds
and ripples out into the rest of the world


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