Extreme Self Care

Extreme Self Care

A very important factor in quality of life,
especially at this time of year, is the care you administer to yourselves.

Be it a Sunday walk in the park,
a massage,
listening to the rain:)
reading by the fire,
lighting a beautifully scented candle,
wearing cozy new pajamas!
taking time in the mall to sit with a cup of coffee
or better yet, hot chocolate!
listening to your favorite music while you wrap the gifts
or dress the tree
buying yourself one small thing at each stop
(it can be as insignificant as a candy cane)

This extreme self care MUST start with you!
you cannot carry any kind of light into the world 
if your own is flickering from the effects of holiday exhaustion
You can accomplish so much more, if the breaks you give others, are extended to yourselves as well

Give yourself more time to get places, 
limit the number of tasks you hope to accomplish each day
try to sleep more and better
give more hugs, more often!
be determined to have a conscious holiday
where you are present in each moment,
and are able to wring every ounce of joy from each simple pleasure


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