Become Relevant

Become Relevant

Being Relevant
As time continues to accelerate
it is becoming critical that each and every person
become relevant
By that we mean having a purpose outside your own self interests.

It means finding the purpose for which you came forward into this life,
and fulfilling its destiny

that sounds big! We know
but every cell of your being is called to its highest potential,
so if you stay purely self-serving,
you will have trouble.
you will feel conflicted
You will feel it in your body.

Living with relevance for the good of others and the whole
will unlock all the doors you think are impassable.
As you uplift your energy, and live your purpose,
things will fall into place in all other avenues of your life.

Staying closely connected to who you REALLY are,
directs you to the next step
and the next, and beyond
Disconnect..and you will falter

Each and every one of you plays such an important role in the coming days
Stay on point with why you are here, and the place you hold.
Tune into the energy,
and show up!


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