A Souls Agreement

A Souls Agreement

Here on Earth, the soul takes on a body
to facilitate its journey on this plane.
As the body becomes conscious and awake to its souls purpose,
the mind becomes aware that the time here on Earth is finite.
There was an agreement made as to the timing of its birth,
and also it’s departure, or death.

Since the soul is infinite, the body is worn for a short time, in the scheme of
things, to help it express itself in the physical.
The timing and place of its human birth were carefully planned,
and there are several windows , or times and situations agreed on for
the departure from the body.

For the soul to depart, there has to be physical death.
It is not an end, but a transition of energy, into its original form.
Both the transition into and out of the body are very sacred,
and the death is chosen carefully by the soul.
On the plane where these decisions are made, there is pure clarity about this , and others souls agree to play a part in this transition.

There are innumerable ways for the soul to leave the body, and sometimes a group chooses to leave together.
That can look like human tragedy here on Earth.

There is a very serious and sacred agreement made, lets say by a shooter, and his “victim”.
Especially when a group of souls decide to depart together.
That shooter is required, on the level of the soul, to carry out his part in their departure.
Souls can keep their appointment with death then, or continue with life and choose another window later. It is up to each individual soul the timing of their death. Many do change their paths.
The shooter, however, must show up and play his part as long as there is even one soul in the group who chooses to leave.

This sounds impossibly clinical and cold, especially when the soul is in the body of a child.
Please know that all is well with these souls.
They have only left the physical, as they knew they would.
All is well with them. There is no fear or pain.
They are no longer children,
but magnificent souls that will continue to live and love
for eternity.


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