A New Kind of Normal

A New Kind of Normal

Now that the days are just beginning to grow longer,
and the apocalypse is over 🙂
You can begin to try on this new normal.

At first it may feel too tight,
like jean just out of the dryer.
But just as you wear those pants,
and they start to warm, and stretch, and conform to your body,
so to will this new normal.

The earth has slipped thru a sort of one way energy doorway,
and there is no going back to the way things have been.
I think we can all agree there was room for improvement,
so that is not at all a losing proposition!

The more you resist or fight against the changes this new normal
the harder it will be to keep your footing.
Things will not go your way,
until you can relax and trust this change.

Throw everything you knew into the air,
it will land differently than you ever imagined!
Like confetti at a party,
It may get in your hair,
but it changes the energy from blah to yippee!

You are opening the door to a musty old room,
and letting cool, fresh air inside.
At first it will stir up the old dust and make it hard to see clearly,
but if you can stand still and wait awhile,
you can discover what has been hidden underneath.

Relax!! you’re gong to like the new normal.
soon you won’t remember the way things used to work.
There will no longer be thoughts of going back,
you will stand happily where you are,
stirring up more dust,
and throwing more confetti!


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