A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

Remembering who you really are
in all your magnificence,
with all your wisdom and power,
now being able to forget your past,
to release all preconceived ideas about your life,
about your future,
will begin to facilitate a fresh start!

That fresh start can all at once feel exhilarating and daunting!
Because you are now conscious inside your life,
you have a new responsibility toward yourself.
you can no longer hide behind the theory that “life happens to you,”
Don’t worry, you won’t let yourself down!

With this fresh start, this clean slate,
you can begin to get hints of greatness,
of new things to come,
miracles will start to occur,
as you say to yourself
” I KNEW that was going to happen”!

The past is behind you,
*it no longer holds any weight,*
and that sentence is packed with meaning!
In a sense, it’s as if you’ve had your feet in blocks of cement,
standing frozen, with the weight of the world on your shoulders.
As that is released, you are free to run,
and we suggest you run toward your future!
arms outstretched,
tears of joy streaming down your face,
then leap….and fly!


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