Vacation Perspective

Vacation Perspective

good morning!
these times are so exciting!!
Can you feel the different energy each day brings with it?
complacency is such a thing of the past
Fence sitting with no real opinion or position on issues of the day…over!
no longer can you bury your heads In the sand , because if you do , the world will blow right by you!
“times they are a changing, ” that has never been more accurate
can you meet each day with an anticipation, even an expectation of change?
you used to desire waking up each day to see things had not budged at all
every blade of grass, every leaf, every drop of dew held the same energy as the previous day, and the day before that and the day before that
that was a comfort
but now…every morning when you open your eyes, you almost have to ask yourself “where am I”? the morning energy is so different form the energy in which you went to sleep
it can be a fresh start
you know how you wake up the mornings when you are on a vacation and the scenery and location are different? sometimes they change each day, and there is a sense of exhilaration when you open your eyes!
No expectations, just a sense of exploration
nothing is familiar and that is okay with you!
you can feel the different energy, and almost see the changing color of the daylight
the silence sounds quieter
the traffic sounds different,
many smells are unfamiliar
voices are speaking different languages , but you can get the meaning from the intonations
hmmmm ….what will today bring?
you feel excitement, even wonder
even a little innocence
each step you take that day is fresh and new
judgement is reserved, because after all, you are the stranger in the strange land
take all those emotions and sensations and bring them to each new day
you may wake up in your same bed in the city of your birth, but internally take the vacation perspective into each day
move with excitement and expect adventure
they can be with you daily if you invite them
take that vacation perspective INSIDE your life
every day
start now!


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