The Habit of Worry

The Habit of Worry

Worrying about things,
the mundane and the supreme,
can become such a bad habit!

The mind is such a powerful tool!
It can be used to conjure great magic
and used to imagine doom.

When you get in the habit of worry
you are using that glorious hard-working brain of yours to
imagine the worst!

It takes you down dark alleys of dread and gloom,
picturing with great clarity, the worst case scenario.

Even when things seem to be going your way
and you are in a state of calm
you can instantly turn it on a dime,
when you touch that pool of worry
that seems so bottomless

You think “Oh I feel good….but what about this?
what if this is true?, what if this were to happen?”
dipping your toe into that sea of doubt

THAT is a habit, and it does not serve you!
it is your default setting in life!
your “go to” place at night,
the cloud that follows you wherever you go!

Take the reins now, and change that!
when you notice you have taken that dark path
and the habit of worry has got you by the throat,
become conscious,
choose another thought
realize you are in a dream
none of the worry is real
you are using your imagination to conjure the worst
reach for the best. then reach again!
change that default setting to hope
Since neither scenario has yet to materialize,
imagine the best, a thought that gives you peace,
choose to be happy!

It is a CHOICE
make a conscious effort each day to break the habit of worry


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