Gratitude on Thanksgiving

Can you stop to count your blessings?
You can start with the breath 
Your breath is a direct connection to God and for that you can be grateful! 
without the breath you are… dust

Can you start with your beautiful body?
what a marvel of science and spirit!
consider your hands alone, they are complicated beyond belief!
Just that the electrical signal can travel from the brain to each finger and move so precisely that you can thread a needle! 

And a brain that thinks faster than any computer. It’s lightening speed and efficiency are taken for granted, be in humble gratitude for this brain of yours!

The magnificent heart! That pumps life into your being so you can fulfill spirit’s purpose.
It holds a huge magnetic field that extends far outside your body
and merges with others you interact with during you day… your life.
It actually allows the spirit to merge with the physical 
in a much purer way than sex
In its purest, originally intended form, sex has that integration as well 🙂
Let’s all take a minute to appreciate and be grateful for the expression of communion and love thru sex!

You should also have gratitude for the miracle of tears
they are a phenomenon of human anatomy 
they are a physical release for the heart 
You all veer away from crying, but it is such a blessing!
the act of crying helps recalibrate energy thru the chemistry of tears

Please add to this esoteric list of appreciation and gratitude and make sure you dig deeper than the things you own and the very obvious

Feel for the things that are hiding in plain sight


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