several times we have wanted to talk about tenderness and it’s place In your everyday life
can you find it in your hearts to look at an adversary
with tenderness
it is even beyond compassion, compassion is an understanding of the how’s and why’s
tenderness is subtle, but it can open doors
take a deep breath
return to your heart
as you feel it open you can find the tenderness there inside
instantly there is a opening and a lightening
tenderness is needed in this world now
it requires poise, and maturity,and a certain selflessness
to be able to stand outside yourself and feel inside the heart of another
there is always some good to be found 
but it takes a keen ear to hear the beat of another
to abandon self interest for awhile and feel tenderness
that being said ,it can be practiced one oneself as well
that is the best place to start, then open up and send it outward
tenderness In thoughts
tenderness in words
tenderness in deeds
merely touching a hand 
merely listening without talking
stroking someone’s hair
caress their spirit
sense their soul
be brave and “show a little tenderness” 🙂


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