Suspending Belief

Suspending Belief

Suspending Belief
Questions are always answered in a particular order
First a small nugget of questioning enters the mind
It starts very small, and grows over time
turning over and over
rephrasing itself, until the thought is fully formed
and the question is asked
This can happen in a week, a year , or an instant!
So…now this question goes out into the ethers
looking to seek out and match up with its answer
That’s the way it’s always been over eons of time
But what if the game was changing?
What if the answers started to appear before the questions were even asked?
Kind of a cosmic game of Jeopardy!
Could you suspend belief and play along?
It feels like this:
You get washed over with a sense of knowing, and I mean REALLY KNOWING something!
a total “a ha” moment!
The clouds part and you have immaculate clarity
but often it is spontaneous, and comes seemingly out of nowhere,
like a bolt of lightning!
the answer!
But wait, was the question even asked?
had the nugget formed 
and had the time enough to roll around the mind ,until the question came forth?
In this energy , the possibility of getting the answers you seek to the questions asked
and even to others you have yet to ask is possible
It can be as simple as having a KNOWING that you should take an umbrella on a cloudless day, only to be the only one with cover in a sudden cloudburst
or to KNOW that you should turn left instead of right, doing it, and later finding out you had avoided an accident that blocked the road for hours!
There was no question asked, no time to figure and answer, just a KNOWING
and a suspension of belief that it has to be one before the other
Look for these KNOWINGS
they often make no sense
they are the cart before the horse
the chicken before the egg 😉
thunder before the lightning
but they are one of your greatest gifts!

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