Never Afraid of the Dark

Never Afraid of the Dark

never afraid of the dark
a quiet mind can lead a simple life
it is not filled with the gibberish that can bog down joy
the mind is like an wants what it!
it seldom gives any thought to the consequences that it’s demands have on your spirit
it can put you In places and situations that literally wring the life out of your soul,
never for a second looking to see what is best for the whole of you as a spiritual being
the mind is a wondrous thing with great power…but it must be tamed, brought under control with boundaries, like a child
questioning and reining in the mind will not be easy and is often met with much resistance
it is clever, and can play a game of hide and seek with the truth
it’s truth is often not yours… your souls
be clear about that
the chatter in your head is not the real you, it is not the voice of your soul
your soul is quiet
your soul is deliberate
your soul does not bargain with you
that is the mind
it does not hold you back from your greatest potential
that is the mind
it is a very worthy opponent at most.. and an ally at best
it is cunning with its talk of disappointment and hurt
leading you down its path of complacency
sabotaging your joy
replacing it with fear
that is why it is not the mind that should be at the helm of your life
it is the heart
the heart is the steward of the soul
it has the maps and directions to your best life
do not continue to confuse the mind with the keeper of your best interests
it is not!
it will always lead you down the path of black and white
right or wrong
day or night
that is never the souls journey
it seeks color
it can read between the lines and it is never is afraid of the dark!


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