Incredible Peace, Incredibly

Incredible Peace, Incredibly

Take a deep breath
and now another

set yourself up to receive the energy of the day
As the fog begins to roll away from your mind’s eye
and any demons of the night are cast away by the emerging light,
bask in the quiet stillness that begets peace
for without the stillness of the mind and the body
you cannot hope to establish true inner peace

Take a breath again
and let the tension melt away , like warm candle wax,
down your face and shoulders.
and reset the energy from worry to peace

Breath again
Pull the string that unties the knot of frustration
watch as it becomes one long strand that has an end

Let the breath go into the shallows of your lungs 
like the high tide brings surges of fresh nutrients, to a still pool.

Peace lies there
in between the beats of a hummingbird’s wings
there lies incredible peace
In the eye of the hurricane, incredible peace
In the quiet falling of snow, seconds after the avalanche,
Incredible peace


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