Here is one I wrote about a month ago, before the blog, I’ve been reticent about posting it because the subject of death is so emotional,
but this came thru the morning after I saw Marianne Williamson lecture on the subject, and I was reading about Anita Moorjani’s NDE, so here was the clarity they gave me:

you were in high energy tonight!
In the presence of an Avatar! (Marianne Williamson)
she is an energy you know well, from this life and from HOME
she was reminding you about getting comfortable and feeling the excitement around death
I know it is not appropriate to feel something like excitement around the subject of death, but it is the answer to erasing the fear
death is not the end, it is a brilliant transfer of energy from one realm to another
like turning the channel

People get scared because this is all they know, this life, this body, this planet
but there is so much more out there!

You are actually more trepidatious about being born, about being in a body, entering this time space reality
it seems VERY limiting
death is freedom
it gives you wings to fly
it unchains you
you think that you find surrender in death
but surrendering to the fracturing of your energy and the smallness of your being at birth is the ultimate surrender
believe me! for the first few months you keep reminding yourself
“I agreed to this”!
it takes a lot of getting used to!

death is a sweet breath of fresh air
you become whole, huge in scope, and magnificence!
with undefined edges
and your hand on the face of GOD


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