Dark Night of the Ego

Dark Night of the Ego

It is often referred to as “A Dark Night of the Soul”
but that is not accurate
the soul is incapable of experiencing a “dark night”
the soul is the observer
the soul is the navigator

Sometimes when the soul takes the helm and starts to let its purpose be known
you feel great sadness, resistance and doubt
that darkness before the dawn so to speak
that is not a dark night for the soul
that is A Dark Night of the EGO!

When there is a great disparity between the purpose of the soul and the will of the EGO
it feels as if your life has jumped the rails
you are lost, off course, alone and adrift
but the soul is never off course or lost
It IS your internal GPS to your destiny
to your life’s purpose

The EGO sees things so black and white
it makes up your mind that there is only one way
it never spreads out a whole map
it never looks around dark corners
It can convince you that the emotion behind apparent failure
or death or any loss is unsurvivable
the soul knows that is a lie
It is eternal.

There is never darkness for the soul!
when you have a dark night
the soul is the small whisper that shines a light
it gets you out of bed
it gets you to walk in nature
it helps you start to appreciate beauty again
the soul is the one that finds something funny, when you never thought you’d laugh again!


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