Become the Star of Your Own Life

Become the Star of Your Own Life

Become the Star of Your Own Life
If all the world’s a stage and all the men and woman simply players
as was written by that famous playwright hundreds of years ago,
Then it would be a disservice to be anything but the hero or heroine of YOUR own life!
As you get into the habit of just letting life happen to you, without any intention or direction, it appears as if you have cast yourselves as supporting players, in bit parts or worse yet..just as extras in your own lives!
We strongly suggest that you rewrite the script of your life 
and tailor the leading role just as you would envision it in an Academy Award winning movie
Give yourself all the best lines,
making sure there is the right amount of gravitas and humor in your delivery
Be funny
Be clever
Go on location to the places you’ve dreamt of
be confident, the hero never wavers
be astute in your judgement of people and situations
The heroine may make dicey choices early in the plot, but as the movie progresses she learns from her mistakes 
they don’t listen to anyone but their director, and they trust him to have a shared vision of the “big picture”
the stars are always supported by the rest of their cast
and helped to accomplish their desired goals
stay in the spotlight!
very important not to wander off into the shadows offstage!
Carry your life like a great hero or heroine carries a film
have reverence and respect for your “character”
no one would want to watch a movie in which the star made the same mistakes over and over,
never listening to the supporting players advise, 
no script , all improv
constantly berating himself, 
taking no heed of the director and just wandering aimlessly on stage
Do not live your life as an extra, a day player!
Be the stars that you are!


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