Abundance of Light

Abundance of Light

Abundance of Light
I know we keep talking about this
but you really must be noticing the difference in these past three months!
The absolute volume of love and light that is washing over every being on this earth is astounding!
examples, you want examples 🙂
The latest example would be the war that was averted in the Middle East.
To have the sides say they would not escalate things but instead wait to see if a peace could be brokered from negotiations, that’s not something we’ve heard from that region before! And to have Egypt play a role even though they have strong alliances with Iran and other key players that would like to see Israel cease to exist is really unprecedented.
The level of gratitude this Thanksgiving holiday was off the charts!
If that could be measured accurately, you would have seen a thousand fold increase over the last couple of years…all over the planet!
Everyone is starting to open their eyes, but more importantly their hearts, and realize that gratitude is about so much more than possessions and money.
People are waking up to the fact that without love, and others to receive and reciprocate that love, money and possessions have no meaning.
We have nothing against material abundance, it gives you freedom to seek.
No one that has the worry of not knowing where their next meal is coming from, is in pursuit of spiritual truths, not while they are in the energy of hunger and fear.
But we can tell you, there were many, many, souls that were counting their blessings yesterday, who seemingly from the outside, have lost everything!
The great storm came and turned their life upside down..literally
and so many, more than you would ever imagine, have hearts filled with gratitude and a new appreciation of what really matters in a life!
So very many acts of courage, heroism and just plain love for your fellow-man have come out of that area.
Neighbors that barely said two words to each other as they rushed thru their lives, sat and broke bread in the candlelight, and made sure each other was warm…and actually shared stories and laughs

Reacting is changing to Responding
Darkness to Light
and tears to laughter 
take the time to notice it! 


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