A Tale of Two Countries

A Tale of Two Countries

This is a tale of two countries.

One portion of this country was happy with a status quo
they remembered it fondly, even though it had been changing for quite some time
they were always trying to capture the “way things used to be”
their view was that the best days were behind them.

The other portion had a sense of discontent
they felt that their best days could be ahead
the status quo no longer fit them
it felt like wearing someone else’s clothes.

both loved their country very much, so the emotion was great, and urgency was implied by the harsh attitudes that seemed to slowly seethe forward like a volcano ready to erupt.
What they failed to realize was that they were brothers, from the same family
and whatever you felt strongly in your heart was private and a treasure and should be honored and not forced on the whole.

Honoring the differences , the uniqueness in each other was a hard task, a lesson that seemly had to be learned over and over again thru this countries’ history.

The ability to hear the words of another, filled with passion, that are different from your own, and feel admiration, not fear.

To not feel threatened, therefore needing to impose your will on all,
to be able to change into and wear your own” clothes” with pride
not needing to change every mind to your ideology in order to find respect;

These are the growing pains of this country
as you stretch something you tear its fabric, like a muscle taken to its limit.
Every new concept and way of thinking must stretch and then rebuild.

Do not despair, this is a great country and it WILL find its way!
The hand of God has given it much and has not left its side.

With great change comes great responsibility
look at your brother with different eyes today
that’s a start;
feel his heart.


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