A Promise of Things To Come

A Promise of Things To Come

Never before in the history of man has the energy been so ripe,
so full of possibilities!
it may feel to the contrary, but I can assure it is not!

Half a century ago the energy started to shift,
which has allowed a larger and broader influx of light
to saturate this planet and its occupants
Although it has changed in its level and refinement,
it has unceasingly altered your mortal landscape

Each day, with each breath and each waking moment
you grow closer to the promises that your memory holds
from the place of your origin

There is within each man a seed of peace,
It is wrapped in love,
and holds the promise of things to come

As each person allows this love to envelop them
and then spread out into the world,
That seed of peace, that nugget of truth,
Is free to touch your hearts
And when that happens, alchemy is present
the two combine to form a greater force than each has separately

The promise is this,
the awakening of peace,
wrapped in love
powered by the energy of the heart!
This can move mountains
It can work miracles
It can end wars


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